Beauty and Health fix


I’m often asked what products and routines I use. I always try and use products with no harmful ingredients that are as natural as possible. So here are a few of my favorites -

Before my shower I try and do a quick dry body brush, this gets the lymph and circulation flowing and is great for the skin. I then jump in the shower and use a Suma glycerin soap rose and geranium this is my fav at the mo as it smells great. I wash my hair with Korres shampoo and conditioner its an all natural brand that my hair seems to love. I then put farm hands hand/body lotion on my skin, my sister and I created this product as we were unhappy with the ones on the market. It’s only available to buy locally at the moment, but hopefully we will be shipping soon. Then I use Soapwella deodorant which after testing a few its the only one that works for me all day. It may seem expensive for a deodorant, but it lasts me about three months. For my face I just give it a wash in the shower and apply Neals Yard rose balm, or Farm Hands facial rose oil, its quite heavy, but my skin is dry and loves this stuff.

I hope you enjoy them all as much as I do. Let me know what your favourite brands are.