Spring Clean without Toxins


Its that time of year again, when we see the sunshine streaming through the windows and want to give the house a good spring clean. I have been using a few home made cleaning products around the house for a while, as I know there are no nasty chemicals in them, and I reuse the container which is much better for the environment, and it works out cheaper too. 

The first one i stated making was a multi surface cleaner, which is so simple to make as all it has in it is half distilled water, half vinegar, 20 drops of lemon oil and 20 drop of tea tree oil, its really effective on the counter, windows and great for basic wipe up duties.

I have also recently tried a new eco egg product called the hard surface cleaner, the only ingredient is clay and its 100% natural. It may seem a little pricey at £9.99, but it last and lasts, as you only need a small amount for really great results. I have used it so far on the bath tub and sinks, after you have used it the clay just seems to repel the dirt, so you don't have to clean as often, and that makes me very happy. The one area where I just can't believe the results is on chrome and stainless steell it just comes out so shinny and lasts for days. I really can't stop polishing stuff! Here is the link to buy

Happy cleaning folks!