What can Acupuncture do for you?

Acupuncture treating infertility to arthritis 

Here at Points we are very excited to be adding acupuncture to our list of treatments in our new clinic in Huddersfield so we thought we would tell you a little more about this amazing ancient healing practice. 

Its been around for rather a long time, around over 2000 years in fact. It can treat many symptoms and illnesses from arthritis to Infertility, here is a full list from the world health organisation.

I'm often asked how acupuncture works, and there has been lots of recent research done on this, and the science behind it from a Western medicine perspective is now more understood.

It works by stimulating the sensory nerves in the body to promote healing, release endorphins and ATP (the energy in our cells), which converts into adenosine, this has local pain killing effects. It then stimulates the production of fibroblasts which make collagen - this maintains the structural integrity of the body.

Acupuncture stimulates the body to release its own natural pain killers. It also promotes the release of molecules associated with tissue healing and disease resolution. It basically kickstarts your body into healing itself.

Many people also ask if it hurts, the needles are finer than a human hair, and the sensation is likened to a flick on the skin as the needle goes in, and then the patient feels very relaxed and often drifts off to sleep for the rest of the treatment.

If you have any questions about how acupuncture could help you or would like a free 15 minute consultation get in touch with me via email or call on 07508665326 you can also book online at pointsclinic.co.uk