Clean Laundry - Clean Conscious

I have been trying to make all my home cleaning and washing practises a little greener, as some of the popular brands have lots of nasties in them, which can harm sensitive skin and the environment. I did a little research on a few clothes washing brands, with Ecover being the leader in this field. All their products are great and they work, but they can be a bit more expensive than other brands. They do offer a handy refill system on their washing up liquid and washing liquid which works out cheaper and uses less plastic. 

My favourite product at the moment is the Eco Egg, you buy the egg, which contains tiny beads, which pull the dirt out of the washing, and then you can top up with the refill beads. The 720 egg can last up to three years and the cost works out at about 3p a wash, which is quite a saving. It really works and has won many awards. I use it with the Ecover stain remover for stubborn stains.

Happy washing! 

Tracy DysonComment