Ear Seeds for Stress Busting!



Acupuncture for Stress in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield.

Last Sunday I did a stress buster work shop with GEM yoga at Om is Where the Heart Is, it was such a great collaboration and we got some really good feedback. We sold out in two days and we have a wait list for the next one in December, so we are buzzing! Follow our Facebook page for future workshop details.

At the work shop I gave everyone some ear seeds to take home, this works on the principals of auricular acupuncture, and the point called Shen men is a very calming point. You can buy ear seeds here and put them in at home, I often give them to my patients to take home from my acupuncture studio in Slaithwaite.

They just stick on to the ear and should stay in for a few days to a week, check out the image below to see where the ear seed should go to combat stress. 

Tracy DysonComment