Safe Sun Protection

It's the Summer holiday time of the year, and if you're staying at home or going to sunnier climes you will be packing the suntan lotion, but did you know that some high street brand sun tan lotions have parabens and potential irritants like silicones, drying alcohol and methylisothiazolinone. All these ingredients can aggravate sensitive skin and cause pore clogging prickly heat.

There is also the environmental issue to consider as many of these lotions have estrogen mimicking chemicals, which can have an effect on "gender bending" of aquatic life, and the UV filters can promote viral infections in the coral reef and play a huge role in coral bleaching, where the coral starts to die.

There are quite a few natural sunscreens on the market, but my favorite is Green Peoples Organic Sun Lotion SPF30 and it's also water repellent too, but with none of the nasty chemicals that you can find in the high street brands. So get out there and enjoy the sun with a clear conscience.


Tracy Dysonsun, skinComment