Massage for the Masses

Massage has so many benefits, it can help us to de-stress, it can promote blood flow to an area of the body that can help ease aches and pains, and it can undo painful knots, it's just amazing to float out of a session with a chilled out bliss high.

 I try and get a massage once a month to just keep on top of postural problems that most of us have from hunching over a computer all day. I come away feeling de-tangled and ready for life. Many people leave it until they are in pain and have muscular issue's before they seek out a massage, which we can help with, but it's much easier to prevent a problem than to cure it. The body often shows us signs of a problem long before we seek help. 

Points Clinic has a special offer of a postural assessment and a 45 minute treatment for £35. It's very easy for our bodies to get out of line, we just need to know the right things to do to get us back in line and back to health.