Jamie's Super Foods

My lovely sister bought me the new Jamie Oliver cookbook last week. I must admit I am quite a Jamie fan, and own most of his cookbooks. (Some get used much more than others.) In his latest effort Jamie has jumped onto the super food bandwagon, which does seem to be quite the in thing at the moment. He has a TV programme to go alongside the book, of course, and he visits the places in the world where people live the longest. He looks at what they eat and how they live their lives. 

The term "Super Food" seems to be everywhere, can there really be such a thing as a super food? I'm not sure, but I know some foods are jam packed with goodness. And I do agree that a good balance of foods is important. The book also gives some basic nutritional advice, and tells us what types of foods give the balanced plate, which Jamie says is, one third vegetables and fruit, one third starchy carbohydrates, one sixth protein and one sixth dairy.  The recipes in the book adhere to this principle.

I have tried out the Chicken & Squash Cacciatore and the Skinny Carbonara, both were very tasty, and really easy to make. So far so good Jamie, I'm loving the book. Oh, and thanks to my sister Kerry for the present too.